How Can Bridgemore Financial Serve You?

Individuals and families need guidance now more than ever. The modern family typically has a very hectic schedule and does not have the time, energy or desire to fully manage their finances and investments.

As a result, Bridgemore Financial has adapted to our client’s needs by providing several ways to help. Those include:

  • Getting Organized – do you need a personal financial advisor to help you get all of your finances and investments organized so you know what you have? We provide this as a non-advisory hourly service to help organize your finances, investments, life insurance policies, wills, etc.
  • Investment Management – are you looking for a qualified professional to actively manage your investments so you don’t have to? Our model portfolios are tactically managed using a variety of investment strategies. By combining multiple strategies, our goal is to maximize gains when the markets are going up and avoid large losses when they’re headed down.
  • One-time or Modular Financial Planning – do you need help getting everything organized, coordinated and an initial plan in place? Or do you need help with a particular goal or area of your life such as cash flow and budget management, investment coordination, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance analysis? This is a project-based service designed to either provide a one-time comprehensive plan or a single module of comprehensive financial planning
  • Ongoing “Business Plan for Life” – this is the gold standard, where we want to create a business plan for your life and serve as the family CFO. With this service, you’re entitled to cash flow management, comprehensive planning, investment management, life coaching, legacy creation and ongoing advising on any decision that affects you financially.



A Customized “Business Plan for Life”

The Business Plan for Life is created by taking into account every concern (material and financial) in a client’s life, and treating everything altogether as a business. Bridgemore Financial focuses on exploring ‘What if’ scenarios. This can help our clients develop proactive methodologies for real time, proactive decision making as opposed to living and operating in a totally reactive mode.

An effective, comprehensive plan properly integrates:

  • All cash flow concerns.
  • Investment positioning
  • Tax strategies
  • Estate planning concepts

Each quadrant is a major component of comprehensive planning, and each requires competent analysis followed by the building of individual strategies. Poor judgment or bad decisions in any of these areas can add up to lost dollars and lost earning power. Income can be maintained or enhanced, and taxes avoided, minimized, or deferred through:

  • Proper product coordination
  • Estate control
  • Sound asset management
  • Advanced tax planning

Decisions in one area can dramatically affect results in another. Only through coordination and analysis of decisions will clients be able to see the big picture. It should include preparing for life’s “consistent inconsistencies” by incorporating as many “what if…” scenarios as practical, while coordinating them appropriately – a business plan for life.

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